Short Answer:

Swampy, existential garage, blues, psych, stoner, punk, jazz rock influenced by Detroit music - The White Stripes, MC5, Stooges, John Lee Hooker, Stevie Wonder, etc.

New album Out Now (released Oct. 14, 2022).

Detroit Rebellion - Jeff Toste: Guitar, Vocals - Micaiah Castro: Drums

Press: "Detroit Rebellion are not from the Motor City but they do kinda sound like they could be. Their sound is less Jack White however and maybe more early Beck." 


“a cracking, dirty, bluesy rock band, and one you should familiarize yourselves post haste” 

– Louder Than War

Long Answer:

We have returned from a long hiatus.

I built a soundproof recording space in my basement during the pandemic. I referenced mostly 70's music and the White Stripes for the production style.

We're not the White Stripes or 70's music. Instead, we offer an eclectic variation of garage rock with an "in the room with the band" recording sound (play on speakers with bass response if possible).

Since our release of "The Man" album (2017), we released "See You Next Year" (2018), got a new drummer, worked with a label, fell off the map, left the label, survived the pandemic, and reinvented our sound (less reverb, more bottom).

One last thing, we're not from Detroit. Despite Micaiah being an extra in the film "Detroit," our connection is a love of music and "forgotten" history. The Detroit Rebellion (of 1967) seemed a good fit to honor underreported history from a place whose music - John Lee Hooker, Stooges, Mc-5, Stevie Wonder, White Stripes, etc.- was an influence.

Press Release (New LP):

Rhode Island duo, Detroit Rebellion, return with fierce new album Fake News due this fall. A lot has happened in the world since Detroit Rebellion’s 2018 album See You Next Year (Bodan Kuma) was released: the enraging politics of the world, a new drummer, and some studio help from Kurt Cobain (via his effect pedal).

  Detroit Rebellion is singer/songwriter/guitarist Jeff Toste uniquely exploring a world of gritty blues and garage rock with drummer Micaiah Castro. Taking their name from the violent upheaval that shook Detroit in the summer of 1967: The Detroit Rebellion, Toste felt it an appropriate label for a genre of music created to simultaneously sooth the soul, as well as wrestle with the problems that troubles it. With two albums under their belt The Man (2017) and See You Next Year (2018), Detroit Rebellion have had their music reaching more and more people with regional touring, press support and the music licensed to tv and film.  

Fake News is the first Detroit Rebellion album to be recorded with drummer Micaiah Castro. As well, Fake News was recorded in Jeff’s new studio in Rhode Island funded in part by Kurt Cobain’s DS-1effects pedal, that Jeff had acquired at a Nirvana show and recently sold. “I was at what was one of Nirvana's first shows on the Nevermind tour (Melvins opened). Kurt had guitar issues and smashed his pedal on stage, then threw it into the audience.” Toste explains, after using the pedal on the last 2 albums “29 years later in Jan of 2020 I sold the pedal via Julian's Auctions in CA.”

In addition of these elements adding new fuel, Toste states Fake News  “thematically is overall an internal and external existential therapy session. Dealing with a history of mental health issues and how to feel sane in an insane world”. Fake News might be the fierce therapy we all need.